Anything in the western spoils indian child state your views fr or against the statement

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Anything in the western spoils indian child state your views fr or against the statement

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Equally horrifying is the suggestion that certain Pakistani councillors asked social workers to reveal the addresses of the shelters where some of the abused girls were hiding. Fear of appearing racist trumped fears of more children being abused.

Not only were negligent officials not prosecuted, they prospered. Oh, Jonathan Swift, thou shouldst be writing at this hour! She goes on to slam a Pakistani community leader who, on an interview show, said that to focus on the identities of the alleged perpetrators only distracts from the suffering of the children.

Read the whole thing. Pearson is right about how we blind ourselves to things we prefer not to see, because these things violate our orthodoxies. This is no different from the way police forces in the US often turned a blind eye to instances of Catholic priests molesting children.

If the molestations were true, then the community at large would have to face facts it preferred not to face. This is a constant in human affairs.

Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed

There is nothing special about the Rotherham establishment wishing to avoid seeing what was right in front of its nose. This is absolutely not to excuse it, but only to help explain it. My guess is that it is as unfair and as inaccurate to blame the rape of girls by Pakistani Muslim men on Islam as it was is to blame the rape of children by priests on Catholicism.

But it is crucial to examine how the culture among Pakistani Muslims may have aided and abetted these criminals.

With the Catholic abuse scandal, it became clear that the culture among Catholics of clericalism, as well as remnants of an immigrant impulse to circle the wagons against outsiders, helped keep the abuses secret. In Catholicism, there is nothing in the religion that prescribes abusing children and keeping the abuse of children secret.

But the culture of Catholicism facilitated the abuse, as generally speaking bishops, other priests, and laypeople conflated protecting the Church and its teachings with shielding it from scandal. I suspect a similar thing has been going on among the Muslims of Rotherham.

It is difficult to look squarely at this sort of thing without either engaging in anti-Muslim prejudice, or its distorting opposite, anti-anti-Muslim prejudice. Clearly the latter has been a more important factor among establishment Rotherham.

Last year, the Rotherham Council apologized to a foster family for having removed children from its care after it became known that the mother and father were supporters of the UK Independence Party: The placement with the Ukip-supporting foster couple was not intended to be long-term.The video experience serves up the best video content from AOL and around the web, curating informative and entertaining snackable videos.

designed to control the population of slaves. A slave could to sue for his or her freedom just because he was a Christian. Also said that the status of a child followed the status of the mother, since children of mixed lineage usually had a free white father and black mother.

82 Responses to Race, Culture, Rotherham The first is something one sees in Indian as well as Pakistani culture.

Anything in the western spoils indian child state your views fr or against the statement

I cannot imagine being angry at my child for seeking justice against her. To save your interests across all devices TSA is accused of fostering a culture of retaliation against whistleblowers.

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Anything in the western spoils indian child state your views fr or against the statement

Written in the Stars is actually a book I don't recommend reading the synopsis for, as I feel it spoils a lot of elements of the book. I know I know.. I know I know.. I just posted the synopsis.4/5(K).

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