Attempts to control population growth are

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Attempts to control population growth are

Share Tweet One of the gravest development issues most developing countries in the world are facing is population. Excessive population has various adverse effects including undue pressure on natural resources. More people mean more consumption which in turn means more exploitation of fixed and exhaustible resources.

Also population is not a universal challenge.

Balancing the Equation

It is specific to nations whose economies have yet not achieved full potential and development. Along with China and India, the African and some Latin countries also see an extremely high population growth rate.

Rather China, which is the most populated nation, has achieved a very appreciative control over their growth of population though their ways are highly autocratic and cannot be replicated in other countries.

Below are the most effective measures which can be employed to control population growth: Delayed Marriages The problem of child marriage is highly prominent in certain countries with high population like India, Pakistan or Bangladesh.

A marriage at a tender age leads to a long span for giving birth. Also young age marriage devoid people of the education and awareness required to be sensitive towards and understand the consequences of raising too many children. A UN report has suggested that there would be a significant decline in world population if the legal for marriage is made 20 years.

Medical Facilities One big drawback of developing countries is that of limited and highly centric medical facilities. Because of the high rural-urban divide in developing countries, availability of good hospitals and doctors is limited to urban centers thus resulting in high infant mortality rate in rural areas.

Rural people, in order to ensure that at least some of their kids survive, give birth to more and more kids thus contributing to the population growth. If provided with optimum medical facilities population rate will almost certainly decline.

Legislative Actions Not much result can be achieved from these if family planning and use of contraception remains optional instead of mandatory.

Strict legal steps are required for child marriage, education, abolition of child labor and beggary and family planning to reap significant benefits from it. Providing Incentives Incentives have proved to be an efficient policy measure in combating most development issues including population.

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Providing a health, educational or even financial incentive can be a highly effective population measure. There are certain incentive policies like paying certain some of money to people with not more than two kids or free or discounted education for single child etc.

Spread Awareness People need to be told and made to understand the consequences of having too many children. Government and non-government institutions can carry awareness campaigns informing people how they will be unable to provide good nutrition, education or medical facilities to their children if they have too many.

Population is also a reason for illiteracy and diseases and malnutrition and the negative effects of it are required to be communicated to the general public to expand their reasoning and understanding.

Women Empowerment In most developing countries, the women folks are not considered equivalent to men in terms of force and might. Such opinions are extremely common in Islamic countries and even India and Bangladesh. Gender discrimination is a major reason for population growth.

People keep giving birth to kids in order to have more sons than daughters. Empowering woman with a say in matters concerning them like child birth and educating them to fight against discrimination will ensure a healthy and aware society.

Eradicate Poverty Why most poor countries have highest population growth instead of rich ones. Poverty has a direct relation to the population growth. In developing countries of Asia and Africa, child labor, slave trading and human trafficking is highly prevalent.

African countries for example still have maximum reporting of slave trading though trading of humans is legally banned everywhere in the world. People give birth to kids and sell them to rich people who in turn employ these kids in various laborious and unethical tasks.

If not sell, these parents force their kids to beg or work at a very tender so as to earn some extra money for the family. These people believe that more kids mean more hands for begging and work and thus more money. Without concrete measures for growth and poverty eradication, other methods of population control may prove to be ineffective.

Education Education forms the backbone of an individual and economy.Government Attempts to Control Population Growth are Ineffective Population growth is becoming a big concern to countries around the world because they are having a negative impact on economies, health, education and long term planning.

The government have various policies for different countries.5/5(1). 10 Effective Ways to Control Population. by Layers Technologies May 29, , am k Views.

Rather China, which is the most populated nation, has achieved a very appreciative control over their growth of population though their ways are highly autocratic and cannot be . Ways to Control Population Growth Population growth is the rate of increase in the number of people in a given area, such as a city, country or continent.

Population growth is closely linked to fertility, which is the rate at which women produce offspring. 4 In the past decade attempts have been made to show the major impacts of population growth on development.

Attempts to control population growth are

However, there are signs which show that the population growth. Concepts of Prevention and Control Dr.

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Rasha Salama PhD. Community Medicine Suez Canal University Egypt Disease Eradication Eradication literally means to "tear out by roots". ZPG: Zero Population Growth: Oliver Reed, Geraldine Chaplin, Don Gordon, Diane Cilento, Michael Campus: Movies & TV.

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