Dunder mifflin paper

The fifth-season episode " Company Picnic " said that the co-founders met on a tour of Dartmouth College.

Dunder mifflin paper

While the show is actually filmed in California, there are plenty of references to Scranton hangout spots sprinkled throughout the script. Unfortunately and predictablyhe screws up.

To see if the pizza is truly the best slice in Scranton, I ordered a piece of thin crust for review. However, people who want their baby back baby back, baby back ribs can find one just a fifteen-minute drive away in nearby Wilkes-Barre.


In the typically absurd scene, he gestures wildly with a crab claw as he discusses whether he should report Meredith for sleeping with a client in exchange for steak coupons.

When I stopped by, the restaurant was hopping — crowded and pleasantly noisy, punctuated by the odor of salty fish. In the immortal words of Mr.

Dunder mifflin paper

Scranton is indeed called the Electric City. While the line is no longer in commission, the nickname stuck. The real Froggy is a popular Scranton-based country-western station.

The Anthracite Heritage Museum is a real exhibit in Scranton. It commemorates the workers of the coal mining and textile industries -- which formed the economic backbone of northeastern PA.

I arrived too late to take a tour but just in time to play on the coal mine trucks without getting kicked out by security.


Pam tells Roy that she kissed Jim, prompting him to trash the bar with his brother in a drunken rage. But the bar itself is not as family-friendly. When I stopped by on a Saturday at 6 p.

While the episode was filmed at a mall in Los Angeles, there is a Steamtown Mall in Scranton — and it embraces its role as the center of Office-Mania. The elevator is embossed with a huge picture of a Dwight Schrute bobblehead: Rainn Wilson is an honorary safety guard there.

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Sadly for Office fans and Scrantonitesthe iconic bar closed earlier this year. It used to be located on the Central Scranton Expressway. But a few years ago, city officials decided to retire the sign and replace it with a new one.

The old sign is currently hanging out at the Steamtown Mall, where Office aficionados can bask in its presence. In the episode "The Secret", he treats Jim to lunch there on the corporate account and cleverly orders a chicken breast — hold the chicken. The nearest one is over an hour away, making it an unlikely lunch-break destination for true Scrantonites.

The closest one is in New Jersey.

Dunder mifflin paper

Slough is actually the name of the town where the British Office takes place.of results for "dunder mifflin paper" Dunder Mifflin (The Office) World's Best Boss TV Television Show Ceramic Gift Coffee (Tea, Cocoa) 11 OZ Mug, By CulturenikOfficially Licensed from NBC/Universal TV.

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comedy series The Office and the show's th episode overall. It was written by Jennifer Celotta and directed by John Krasinski, which marks his television directorial initiativeblog.com originally aired in the United States on NBC on February 4, The series—presented as if it were a real documentary—depicts the everyday lives of.

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