Reaction paper about the movie view from the top

All reaction papers should involve a proper evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the text, coupled with how the text is able to accomplish its objectives.

Reaction paper about the movie view from the top

Gwyneth Paltrow the leading actress portrays her role very well besides the fact that she is really pretty and very much pleasing to my eye. She also trots around in a lot of clingy, colorfull gaudy outfits that show off her graceful hot body and her sexy attitude to impressive effect.

I wonder if a Flight attendant wore the same first uniform Donna wore when she started to became a flight attendant. At first, her character, Donna Jensen, an aspiring flight attendant from small-town Nevada, lands a job working for Sierra Airlines, a grungy local outfit whose planes have shag carpeting on the walls.

This is a very shameful situation.

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Maybe it must have been better if she prepare herself to the job by means of riding an airplane before she applied for the job and observe the manner of the flight attendant when it comes to serving passenger or research about it.

That way she may ace her first day of work. Donna along with her fellow sky hostesses started to dream big and went to the city to apply for the Royalty Airlines one of the famous and prestigious airline.

The job hiring episode where in Mr. John interviewed Donna, Christine and the other applicants goes a little bit crazy.

Reaction paper about the movie view from the top

It shows different attitude of applicants towards the interviewer, some of them felt nervous, others sounds stupid but in the end the only thing is you have to compose yourself during interview, be honest ,confident and try to comprehend every question so that you can answer each question very well.

You should also learn to accept the result when you are not hired and still be optimistic of the future ahead of you. Assess yourself what seems to be wrong on your first interview and try not to repeat it the next time.

Reaction paper about the movie view from the top

Standing in that pastel sanctuary, Donna feels, for the first time, the power of her job, the call of a destiny that can be summed up in four dreamy, if redundant, words: Even as you ask yourself what Gwyneth Paltrow is doing in a movie as mildly embarrassing as this one, her grin, with its girlish delight, radiates a pure ingenuous dazzle that perks the audience right up.

Does she want true love, or does she want the glamorous perk of free trips to the City of Light? Really in real life we have to make a choice and that will never be easy.

The movie is so stuck for conflict that it trumps up a rivalry between Donna and her stewardess comrade Christina Applegatea petty thief who ends up betraying her.EBUÑA, Ma. Samantha Louise L. BSLM – 4A “A Reaction Paper about the Movie: A View from the Top” A View from the Top is a romantic comedy film with all the confectionary value of love, meeting goal, perseverance, determination, right attitude and choice.

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A young woman from a very rich family impulsively marries a reporter, but each assumes the other is the one whose lifestyle must change. The importance lies in the fact that if you are writing a reaction paper on a law coursework for instance, it will demand thoughtful reading, extra research, and objective writing.

The commencement of the reaction paper is one of the most essential parts. Feb 08,  · Check out our top Free Essays on Reaction On Troy Movie to help you write your own Essay. The purpose of a reaction paper is to evaluate a movie, book, article or any other work. In such an essay, a student has to make one’s own evaluation of the author’s work.

Poor knowledge of reaction paper format is the reason why many students cannot cope with such assignments.

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