Technical writing abcs properties of light

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Technical writing abcs properties of light

technical writing abcs properties of light

Originally Posted by Ellatha This is what a Ph. The problem is not his polysyllabic jargon per se. The various sciences and mathematics all have a lot of jargon. But the jargon serves a legitimate purpose there: Most importantly, other practitioners in the field know what the jargon is shorthand for, and newcomers to the field can find out what the jargon means from standard textbooks.

If someone in the field finds it necessary to introduce new jargon, he has an obligation to explain to everyone what it means, and he should not introduce new jargon unless it is really needed. That is the sure sign of a crackpot. The other problem is that those of us who have some real expertise in some of the fields about which he pontificates find his musings to be nonsense.

I have a Ph. I know a great deal about quantum mechanics. I also am co-patentholder on several patents that apply information theory to various problems in computer and communication systems.

Part of the point is to make it sound as if you would recognize the profundity of his writing if only you understood all of the technical background as he does. Well, in those two fields, I do understand the technical background, and his use of those subjects is a sham: Langan is running an experiment to see how many gullible fools there really are in the country answer: If he really has scored that high, it is one more sign of the very real limits to the usefulness of is the #1 question answering service that delivers the best answers from the web and real people - all in one place.

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